Second Hand Shrink Sleeving Machine
With Steam + IR Heat Shrink Tunnel


In Excellent Condition - Like NEW!
Used About 100 Hours ONLY!!

Shrink sleeving machine

On SALE by Owner!
Contact us for price.

  1. High quality steam sleeving machine made in Italy by company CLEVER.
  2. Best possible product appearance with dual shrink system: hot air convection and radiant infrared. Our steam tunnel produces exceptional results with lowest possible energy use!!
  3. Stainless steel frame.
  4. Film end detection, line controls.
  5. Rotating star sleeve application system 4 stations. See movie below.
  6. Enabled complete decoration of unusual shapes from top to bottom and 360 degrees around. See one of our products below. Minimum distortion on a difficult product due to fine tunned settings in steam tunnel.
    Shrink sleeve on an unusual shape
  7. Max speed 3000 pcs / hour.
  8. Max product height: 250 mm
  9. Max product diameter: 90 mm.
  10. Machine has been built in 2008. Machine is in excellent condition due to fact it was barely used due to deteriorated demand after year 2008.
  11. Machine used for about 100 hours only. It's like NEW!
  12. Sold by owner.


shrink sleeve machine GS201-1
shrink sleeve machine GS201-10
shrink sleeve machine GS201-2
shrink sleeve machine GS201-3
shrink sleeve machine GS201-4
shrink sleeve machine GS201-5
steam tunnel GS201-6
sleeve applicator GS201-7
shrink sleeve machine GS201-8
shrink sleeve machine GS201-9




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